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Any title marked with an asterisk (*) is software that we use in the Geology Department at TCU for research or instructional use.

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MacMINTEQA2, GeoChem Software, Inc., Box 7252,, Reston,VA,22091,USA,(703) 476-6032,375,,

MacMohr 2.3,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,100,,Mohr's circle calculating and display program. Special features include: linear and curvilinear fitting options; interactive plotting of circles and planes; stress units of Kb, bars, psi, atm, MPa & KPa; save graphs in PICT format. Runs on any Mac.

MacNETPATH,GeoChem Software, Inc.,Box 7252,,Reston,VA,22091,USA,(703) 476-6032,375,,

*MacOilie,Old Aulachogen Software,P.O. Box 23264,,Oklahoma City,Ok,73123,USA,,35,,Geologist's toolbox. Financial, reservoir, oil and gas reserves, porosities, apparent resistivities, and saltwater calculations; also includes some spreadsheet templates.

MacPAUP,Dave Swofford,Illinois Biological Survey,$50,,Sophisticated computer generated cladistic analyses.

MacPHREEQE,GeoChem Software, Inc.,Box 7252,,Reston,VA,22091,USA,(703) 476-6032,375,,

MacPHRQPITZ,GeoChem Software, Inc.,Box 7252,,Reston,VA,22091,USA,(703) 476-6032,375

MACS (Magnetic Anomoly Construction Set),COGS,P.O. Box 1317,,Denver,CO,80201,USA,(303) 751 8553,,,By Eric Rozencrantz - UTIG. Public Domain

MacSadie Software

MACSECT,INTRALOGIC Informatique Inc.,209, 9e rue,, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, J9X 2C1, CAN,(819) 797-4075, $4000, Software for generating drawings of drill hole sections from a description data base. It can orient sections in any direction, allows election of drill holes to be plotted, up to six variables can be plotted along any hole trace (either values or bars), display of orthogonal views, color coding for geology and assay values, vertical exaggeration, batch processing, screen, PICT and DXF output. Copy protected with an ADB hardware key!

*MacSection 2.0,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $399,, Strip log, cross-section and fence diagram plotting program; can use data from Logger. The program reads data files of borehole data listing well name, location and formations or rock-types found over a given interval. Wells are interactively selected in a minimap and may be selected individually or by projection onto an arbitrary line of section. 3-D views are made with isometric projection and any view angle may be chosen. Each formation name or rock-type is keyed in with a specific pattern that is plotted within the interval. 50 different editable patterns are available. Graphics within the program include strip logs, correlated cross sections, and fence diagrams. System 7.x or higher is required.

MacSOLMINEQ.88,GeoChem Software, Inc.,Box 7252,,Reston,VA,22091,USA,(703) 476-6032,375,,

*MacThrustRamp!,Wilkerson & Associates,8 Villard Court, Champaign, IL, 61820, USA, $495, $195, Interactive modeling of thrust faults. Also from Rockware. Any Macintosh.

MacWATEQ4F, GeoChem Software, Inc., Box 7252 , Reston,VA, 22091, USA, (703) 476-6032,375,

Magnetics V1.2,Micro-Innovations, Inc.,Order Department,704 Burke Street,Easton,PA,18042,USA, $100, An enhanced model of Talwani's 2-D magnetic modelling technique.

*Map II 1.5, ThinkSpace Inc., The University of Western Ontario Research Park, London, ON, N6G 4X8 Canada, Free, Raster-based GIS program with some image processing capability. Macintosh version of the Map Analysis Package GIS program. Every map is displayed in its own window with its legend in a separate window. Map objects can be displayed in pure colors, in colored patterns, or in black and white patterns (the latter are required if Map II is used on a monochrome Mac). Commands supported are: Align, Average, Clump, Combine, Compute, Count, Cover, Cross, Drain, Filter, Flip, Grade, Interpolate, Maximize, Merge, Minimize, Mosaic, Orient, Parallel, Profile, Radiate, Recode, Respace, Rotate, Sample, Scan, Score, Slice, Spread, Subscene, Translate, and Warp. Map II 1.5 can import and export data in the following formats: TIFF, SYLK, ASCII/binary and PICT. Binary input routines very flexible; can load LANDSAT images. Will run on 1 megabyte monochrome machines, but really needs color and more than 4 megabytes of RAM to start to run at a decent speed. Versions for Macs with and without FPUs.

MapGrafix, ComGrafix, Inc., 1765 Carnegie Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33756, Ph 727 585-7799, Fax 727 518-1584, 800 448-6277, $995. A powerful GIS system (actually the first that was ever put on a microcomputer) that supports many functions; about the only thing it doesn't seem to support is image processing (it requires a user relational data base). It uses a typical Mac user interface to make available many tools for digitizing and creating map layers. The program offers a bewildering variety of input and output formats; it can, for example, translate between ARC/INFO data base files and its own and will read data in standard USGS formats. Maps can be georeferenced according to a large number of projection models. Mapping options produce contour maps and a variety of base maps. It can take advantage of a network to provide distributed jobs linked to a central data base and calculates in the background under Multifinder. The program outputs graphic data to standard Mac printers and has its own plotter driver. MapLink supports translation to other formats, Map View permits coordinate changes and georeferencing and MapGraf Display is run time viewer that allows full access to data but no modification. Full MapGrafix specs on line in a pdf file. Just imagine having a powerful vector GIS system like ArcInfo but with a native Mac GUI!

MAPublisher 2.0, Avenza Software Marketing, Inc, 3385 Harvester Road, Burlington Ontario, Canada L7N 3N2, 1-800-884-2555, $395 USA, a GIS plugin system for Adobe Illustrator on the Mac and Aldus Freehand in Windows. Educational discounts are available. This new version greatly increases the ease of use and the functionality of this remarkable software that effectively transforms Illustrator 6.0 into a vector GIS program.

The new version includes over 38 filters. It can directly import many common mapping formats, with all of the database attributes intact. Formats currently supported include USGS DLG and SDTS, Arcview Shape, ARC/INFO generate and MapInfo mid/mif files. They are working on a Tiger importer for a future release. Additionally, AutoCAD DXF and geo-referenced TIFF and JPEG files can be imported.

Other features include: automatically saves new imported files onto their own named layer, allows conversion between map projections with customized choices and over 100 projections, converts the scale of the map's current coordinate system to other scales and page offsets using the transformation feature, allows files to be saved in Adobe Acrobat PDF format intact for cross platform exchange and Internet publishing, includes new layer management tools including select by feature type or select same as legend items, supports joining multiple arcs with associated attributes to represent a single map feature, has a new locator tool that shows the real-world coordinates based on each layer's projection in a floating window and supports and draws grids. Single or many features can be labeled with features from the stored attributes.

As in the previous version map features can be selected using a boolean selection dialog box. Version 2.0 makes MaPublisher an absolutely indispensable cartographic tool. It is easy to use, can handle a vast amount of data and makes Illustrator an even more useful tool for map production.

In addition, the MapPublisher 2.0 CD-ROM includes a number of cartographic path patterns, that can be used with the new path pattern stroking capabilities of Illustrator 6.0, and a font with standard U.S. National Parks symbols.

MF Works, ThinkSpace Inc., The University of Western Ontario Research Park, London, ON, N6G 4X8 Canada, (also Rockware) See web pages for pricing, MF Works couples a powerful suite of analytical and modelling capabilities with the user-friendly interface of the Macintosh. When combined with a high resolution display, advanced performance video graphics, and the PowerPC architecture, the program provides the functionality and performance of a workstation based Geographic Information System (GIS). The intuitive interface allows both new and expert users to master the system quickly and to explore spatial processing ideas creatively. MFWorks is also now available for Windows.

MF Works comes with a full featured scripting window that allows users to construct, edit and save cartographic models. The script window makes use of pull down menus and standard cut and paste techniques. Text can be imported into a script window from other applications using a text file, or via the clipboard.
An extensive set of single map and multiple map layer transformations that produce spatial measurement, area based statistics, filtering, and layer superimposition. Arithmetic functions that can be applied to single and multiple map layers include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponent, summary statistics, as well as trigonometric and logarithmic functions. Map data can consist of either single precision floating point or 32-bit fixed point (integer) values. Floating point data use six decimals of comparative precision.

A complete history record is maintained for all maps. This record includes the histories of all maps used to create the current map.

Analysis modules include: Clump (Adjacency Measurement), Combine (Map Superimposition - Complete Set Overlay), Cover (Map Superimposition), Cross (Explicit Reclassification - Selected Set Overlay), Filter (Surface Characterization - Neighbourhood Filtering), Grade (Terrain Characterization), Interpolate (Surface Characterization), Orient (Terrain Characterization), Profile (Terrain Characterization), Radiate (Spatial Measurement), Recode (Explicit Reclassification), Respace (Map Geometry), Rotate (Map Geometry), Scan (Sruface and Area Characterization), Score (Statistical Measurement), Slice (Explicit Reclassification), Spread (Spatial Measurement) and Subscene (Map Geometry).

Functions include: Trigonometric Functions, Logarithmic Functions, Mode Functions (FLOAT(x), TRUNC(x), PREC(x,y)), List Functions and miscilaneous functions.
Requirements: Minimum machine requirement is a color Macintosh computer or a computer with a Power PC processor. Computer must have a hard disk. A math coprocessor is not required but will be used if present.

File Translators:Import:

  1. ARC (ARC/INFO Ungenerate Format) Input from ESRI ARC/INFO.
  2. BNA (ASCII Boundary Files): Input from ESRI PC ARC/INFO, Strategic Mapping Atlas GIS, Atlas MapMaker, Atlas Pro, MapInfo Corp. MapInfo and others.
  3. DEM (Digital Elevation Models) Input from USGS DEM files and ARC/INFO DEM files.
  4. MAP II (Map Analysis Package II) Input from MAP II
  5. MIF (MapInfo Interchange Format) Input from MapInfo.
  6. PICT (Picture) Input from most Macintosh drawing and mapping packages.
  7. InterChange (Raw Binary) Input from ESRI ARC/INFO GRID, Landsat, SPOT and any other grid based, interleaved or sequential formats.
  8. SYLK (SYmbolic Link Format) Input from standard spreadsheet applications.
  9. TEXT (Delimited) Input from Microsoft Excel, Word, WordPerfect and most other spreadsheet and word processing applications.
  10. TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) Input from DOS and Macintosh image based applications.

Meeting Paper Abstracts of the 1991 AAPG Annual Meeting (Dallas),Masera-AAPG Data System, 1743 East 71st Street, P.O. Box 702708,Tulsa, OK, 74136, USA, 918 496-7777, $49, A fully indexed, complete set of more than 900 abstracts as they appeared in the March 1991 issue of the AAPG Bulletin that includes the search software. This is available on floppy disk for the Macintosh or PC.

*MGAP 1.05,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $299, A geostatistical analysis program. MGAPsupports univarite statistics with histogram and probability plots, interactive variogram modeling with nested structures, and kriging featuring block or point kriging. Four different estimators are supported in variogram modeling, including variogram, relative variogram, madogram and inverted covariance. The pair selection direction, tolerance, bandwidth, lag spacings and data ranges are user selectable. When the best variogram model is found you can use the parameters to produce a kriged grid model of the estimates with many options. Grids can be saved in MadGridzo 3 or ASCII x,y,z format. An error grid containing kirging standard deviations is also produced. Runs on any Mac but also has a special version for Macs with floating point processors.

*Microstructure Bundle, (formerly Earth 'nWare Inc.), P.O. Box 0641, Hull MA 02045, Ph. 781-925-0264, FAX 781-925-4248, Evaluation copies may be freely downloaded by members. Membership $39. Classroom licenses $12 per registered student (min 10 students, discount for large classes). Dislocation glide, Vacancies, Myrmekite, Fibers, Porphyroblasts, Porphyroclast systems, Grain Boundary Migration Recrystallization, Stylolites, Fractured Feldspars, Fish Flash, Tiltwall, Frank Read Source, Basal <a> slip, Prism <a> Slip, Vorticity, Calcite Twinning, Web Resources (High resolution JPEG photomicrographs dealing with deformation microstructures and kinematic indicators (100 images), and rock analog deformation (64 images), with hyperlinked explanatory notes in html format by two of the experts in the field: Dr. Carol Simpson and Dr. Win Means.). New content added every session based on members' requests.

*Microstructures Photo-CD,, out of stock - content incorporated in Microstructure bundle (above) in HTML/JPEG format.

Middle East: Regional Geology and Petroleum Resources,Masera-AAPG Data System,1743 East 71st Street,P.O. Box 702708,Tulsa,OK,74136,USA,918 496-7777, $300, A reference volume set. A digital version of the book by Z.R. Beydoun. Includes indexed text, stratigraphic columns, oil and gas field maps, regional geology maps, bibliography, and file of field histories. Includes a Hypercard 2.0 template with search engine. This comes on CD-ROM and is only available on the Mac.

Min'n'Mac,D.R. Mason & J.E. Mason,P.O. Box 78, Glenside, SA, 5065, Australia, $50, Least-squares petrological mixing program. Calculates optimum proportions of daughter plus 6 other phases that may combine to form a parental composition. From Sowerbutts. Runs on any Mac.

MinCom,D.R. Mason & J.E. Mason,P.O. Box 78, Glenside, SA, 5065, Australia, $40, Converts compositions of olivines, pyroxenes, or plagioclases from any one of oxides, mol. percents or weight percents to the other two possible composition expressions. From Sowerbutts. Runs on any Mac.

*Mineral ID,GeoTerms Systems,Box 62,,Fort Collins,CO,80526,USA,303-482-8273,25,,Hypercard-based interactive mineral database, crystallography classes and mineralogical terms. It includes 277 common minerals, 15 physical and optical properties, 304 mineralogical word definitions

*Minerals, Where & Why,Department of Mining and GeoEngineering,Mines Bldg. #2, Rm. 229,The University of Arizona,Tucson,AZ,85721,USA,(602) 621-6063,25,,Interactive minerals database. The beautiful color mineral photographs, student record keeping, and well designed-interface make this program interesting and fun to use. The `Where' section is especially interesting as it shows, for the particular mineral under scrutiny, where it is commerically mined and, in a `standard US' home, which items are derived from that mineral.

MinForm,D.R. Mason & J.E. Mason,P.O. Box 78,,Glenside,SA,5065,Australia,,40,,Calculates mineral (structural) formulas from mineral analyses. Options includes various recalculations (osides 100% loss-free, total Fe as FeO, Fe2+ and Fe3+). From Sowerbutts. Runs on any Mac.

MOCMac,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,375,,A 2D finite-difference ground-water flow and solute transport model based upon the method of characteristics technique. Special features include: can run model in background, produces X,Y,Z files of concentration, head and velocity. MOCMac includes the current version of MOC as distributed by the USGS. It incorporates the following: first order irreversible rate reactions, equilibrium-controlled sorption with linear, Freundlich or Languir isotherms, and ion exchange for monovalent or divalent ions. Source code is provided and if you have the Language Systems FORTRAN compiler, the code can be recompiled. Floating point processor HIGHLY recommended. From Geraghty & Miller.

MODFLOWMac,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,375,,A Macintosh version of the USGS MODFLOW ground-water flow model. Special features include: capability to run simulation in the background, ability to produce X,Y,Z text files of head and drawdown, compatible with Multifinder, includes FORTRAN source code. Post-Processing graphics functions in MODFLOWMac include contoruing of head, drawdown, transmissivity, and plots of the finite-difference grid. A utility is provided to generate XYZ text files from MODFLOW binary headsaves for use with other contouring programs such as MacGRIDZO. Floating point processor HIGHLY recommended. From Geraghty & Miller.

*MultiSpec,Dr. David Landgrebe, EE Department,Purdue University, Public Domain multispectral image classification tool for the Mac. Reads and writes ERDAS .lan and .gis files. Forms 24-bit images with histogram stretching, supervised and unsupervised classification, spectral and spatial classification, principal components, etc. Includes experimental classifier algorithms. We consider this to be indespensible.

OG*4cast,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,495,,Plots production history and forecasts oil and gas production. OG*4cast stores monthly production data as well as lease cost data. May be used with OG*Econ. Special features include: interactive extrapolation and forecasting with screen plots; forecast may consist of multiple segments, including inclining sets; interactive files-rate and reserve forecasts can be passed to OG*Econ; project files allow user to group and organize work; handles constant rates, semilog declines and hyperbolic declines. $745 if purchased with OG*Econ. From Orion Enterprises.

OG*Econ,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,495,,An oil/gase reserve and cash-flow program. Special features include: for geologists/engineers-quick one-well economics or multi-well reserves; easy on-screen entry and editing of input data; optionally access data from files created by OG*4cast; project files organize work and allow batch runs; combine wells or leases to obtain subtotals, grand totals and summaries. OG*Econ is an easy to use cash-flow analysis program that features escalations, interest changes, investment scheduling, ROR, payout time and more. $745 if purchased with OG*Econ. From Orion Enterprises.

*Paleoclimate, Earth In Motion Technologies, 2476 Bolsover, Suite 491,,Houston,TX,77005,USA,(713) 660-0231, $399, A desktop climate simulator has been developed based on the Parametric Method. The simulator can run under the Apple Macintosh*, UNIX*, VAX*, and MS-DOS operating systems (4 Mb RAM required). The user provides a reconstruction of paleo-shelf edges, coastlines and mountain belts (20 Phanerozoic paleogeographic timeslice interpretation provided), an axial tilt (season), and a pole-to-equator thermal gradient, and the program will simulate pressure, wind direction and speed, upwelling, precipitation, and temperature. The user can also set the grid spacing of the simulation, thereby controlling resolution and calculation speed. Simulations are usually completed within 3 minutes, allowing rapid turn-around time for results. Output is in a format compatible with the PGIS/Mac (above) and can take the form of contours and/or symbols. Output can also be directed to ASCII text files, which can then be read by spreadsheet, database, contouring, or statistical analysis programs to aid in comparison of sensitivity testing or model-to-model comparisons. Recent comparisons with the Low-Resolution Global Circulation Model indicate that these models produce similar reconstructions of the gross aspects of climate. Developer's license with source code is $4000.

Pay Zone Drilling Simulation Program.

Permeability From Logs 1.0Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,189,,Teaching aid for learning techniques for predicting permeability from well logs. The tutorial includes hypertext, voice, music, graphics, animation and interactive computation. Major topics covered include: Logs that can indicate permeable zones; traditional methods for quantifying permeability; k-0 regressions; and new statistical techniques. Hypercard required. From Marathon Research. Windows version available.

*PGIS/MAC,Earth In Motion Technologies, 2476 Bolsover, Suite 491,,Houston,TX,77005,USA,(713) 660-0231,395,,The Paleogeographic Information System/Mac* (PGIS/Mac) is a system for display, maintenance, and analysis of plate tectonic information. It is also capable of integrating user-supplied data into a plate tectonic context. The system runs on a Apple Macintosh* (Mac II or better, 4-8 Mb RAM, with color preferred). The program can produce color plate tectonic reconstructions for any time since the Cambrian, plotted at any scale in one of three map projections (rectilinear, Mercator, Mollweide). The user can easily plot and interact with their own data on these reconstructions. The user interacts with the data on the reconstruction in a way similar to the use of a Geographic Information System (GIS, hence the name). The user can supply points (e.g. well locations, fossil locations, paleomagnetic sample sites), line segments (e.g. faults, contours, lineaments, seismic lines), and/or polygons (e.g. paleogeographies, exposed outcrop boundaries) in present day geographic coordinates (accuracy +/- 9 meters). The correct plate tectonic element is automatically assigned, and the data are moved to positions appropriate for the geologic time selected. If the user supplies data points, the size, color, and symbol type can be set. When the user clicks on the symbol that represents a single point datum, a window pops up with a report of all the attributes of that point. If line segments are provided, their width and color can be controlled. If polygon data is displayed, the color-fill as well as the pattern-fill can be defined. When the user clicks inside of a polygon, a report is displayed detailing the attributes of that polygon. A high resolution plate tectonic model is provided with the system (from the PALEOMAP Project, C. R. Scotese). This model can be easily modified by the user, both in terms of the position of the plates, and the addition of new/different plates. Sample point, line, and polygon data sets are provided to serve as a template for user data. Also provided with the program are a series of 20 Phanerozoic paleogeographic timeslice interpretations (Scotese & Golanka, in press). Output options include standard Macintosh printing functionality (color/gray scale if available), or maps can be saved as PICT files, suitable for use with Canvas*, MacDraw*, etc. The PGIS/Mac is also capable of saving data in a format that is suitable for input into a standard GIS (e.g. ZMAP*, ARC/INFO*). Animations can be made for user-supplied time ranges and intervals, and saved as PICTs for importing in animation specific software (e.g. MacroMind Director*). Data is input as standard text files, but can be stored in database, word processor, and/or spreadsheet programs. Input links to mainframe databases (Oracle*, INGRES*, DB2*) are also being developed.

*Phil 1.0,PetroDynamics,12410 Meadow Lake Dr., Houston, TX, 77077, USA, (713) 293-7727, $395, A monochrome version of Phil 1.5 that includes many of the features of the color version. However, graphics include only geologic cross sections, relative sea level analysis, stratigraphic columns and chronostratigraphy. Models are limited to 600 columns and 200 time steps. This will run on any Macintosh with 2 megabytes of memory.

*Phil 1.5 ver 4,PetroDynamics, 12410 Meadow Lake Dr., Houston, TX, 77077, USA, (713) 293-7727, $8500, Interactive program for modeling basin development based on sequence stratigraphy theory. There is a 30% academic discount. Users can model stratal patterns in tectonic settings such as passive margins, foreland basins, growth faulting, and salt diapirs. Effects of changing sediment volume and type, subsidence, eustacy, erosion, pre-existing basin floor topography, slopes of depositional interfaces, basin floor fan timing and geometry can be tested. Tectonic settings can be modeled by varying the distribution of subsidence/uplift rates with respect to the source of sediment supply. Subsidence rates can be treated as linear or cyclic variables. Clastic or carbonate sediment supplies can be modeled and both traction and suspension sediments are considered. The effects of headward erosion, channel incision and surface beveling can be introduced. For those with either lots of time or a fast Macintosh an elastic algorithm can be used to account for lithospheric flexure due to sediment loading. Basin edge formation can be displayed as a color, animated sequence during model execution. Color graphical representations include geologic cross section, paleobathymetry, chronostratigraphy, depositional environments, relative sea level analysis and stratigraphic columns. Output is either textual or in PICT format. Requires a Mac II with a minimum of 8 megabytes of memory, also a version for the PowerMac. Includes PHIL, Batch, Utility and BasinWorks.
Utility is a tool for manipulating input data and writing the results of PHIL simulations in spreadsheet form. It allows users to convert from two-way travel times to depth horizons, and can perform two-dimnsional backstripping analysis and calculate estimates of sediment flux history. PHILUtility allows users to build models larger than the current number of layers (greater then 600 layers is possible). 680x0 or PPC.

Batch uses stratigraphic inversion technology in the simulation. It accepts observations that include digitized seismic horizons and a paleobathymetric model and converges towards a model that is the closest match between the constraints, providing a final statistical analysis of the differences between model and observation. As the name implies it can remote build stratigraphic models, queueing up to 20 projects and producing binary result files, movies and the resulting figures of these projects. The program will also build interposing models between two end-member models, allowing a pseudo 3D model to be constructed along basin margin strike by changing sediment supply, subsidence rates or location and magnitude of faults.

Philux v 5.2.06,PetroDynamics, 12410 Meadow Lake Dr., Houston, TX, 77077, USA, (713) 293-7727, $39,500, interactive program for modeling hydrocarbon migration. There is a 30% academic discount. The detailed framework provided by the stratigraphic simulation results provides a much improved framework in which to migrate fluids. The Hydrocarbon Migration algorithms in PHLux simulate migration of oil, gas and water as separate phases. Movement is drive by potentiometric gradients that are created by pressure buildup by ground water flow and compaction and tiling of beds. Primary migration is drivign through excess fluids and pressure drive expulsion. Secondary migration due to vicous forces and gravity segregation is support. The model employs a finite difference solution within a Lagrangian grid. There are versions for various UNIX platforms and Windows 3.1, 95 and NT.

Phil E,PetroDynamics,12410 Meadow Lake Dr., Houston, TX, 77077, USA, (713) 293-7727, $925, Older, less sophisticated version of Phil 1.5, 680x0 and PPC versions.

Physical Geology Bundle, (formerly Earth 'nWare Inc.), P.O. Box 0641, Hull MA 02045, Ph. 781-925-0264, FAX 781-925-4248, Evaluation copies may be freely downloaded by members. Membership $39. Classroom licenses $2 per registered student (min 25 students, discount for large classes). Continental Fuzzy Felt (drag the continents around in your browser!), Hawaii, Wandering Planets, Pole Star, Supernova, Earth'nOrbit, Tides, Triple Junction, Transform Faults, Accretion, Stratigraphy, Unconformity, Oxbow Lake, Phase, Ripples, Sedimentary Basins. New content added every session based on members' requests.

Piper/Stiff 1.1,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,225,,Piper and Stiff diagram plotting program. Special features include: fully annotated and scaled Piper and Stiff diagrams; data entry form for entering assay values and caluclating ion balaznce; presentation quality graphics. The program enables the user to quickly enter chemcial assay values, calculate the ion balance, and the plot Piper-trilinear or Stiff diagrams from the data set. Runs on any Macintosh.

*Explore the Planets,Tasa Graphic Arts, 11930 Menaul Blvd. NE Suite 107, Albuquerque NM 87112-2461USA, TEL: 1-800-293-2725, $59 Single user, $155 Multi user, (also Rockware) For Macintosh or Windows machines., Explore the Planets comes in three different versions on the same CD-ROM (Mac or Windows), grades 3-6, 7-12 and college. The product takes users on an illustrated tour of the solar system, looking at the planets and the forces that have shaped their surfaces. Closeup views of impact and volcanic craters and schematic cross sections make this a very interesting and useful educational tool. As expected, the graphics are stunning and are well integrated into a series of interactive exercises that include some graph plotting. The CD includes an illustrated glossary of planetary features.

*Plot 1.0,Spyglass, Inc.,1800 Woodfield Drive,,Savoy,IL,61874,USA,(217) 355-6000,295,,Scientific bivariate plotting program. Line graphs, double-Y plots, color scatter plots and parametric plots. Fully definable axis scales and labels and error bars and can perform linear, quadratic, exponential and polynomial plots. Interactive spreadsheet with up to 32,000 columns. Reads and writes ASCII and binary data, generic binary data sets, HDF, HDF Vset and MatLab files. System 7.x required. Also available for Sun SPARC, HP 9000, IBM RS/6000, Silicon Graphics Iris, and Digital RISC/ULTRIX UNIX systems.

PlotView 3.1,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,99.95,,Hewlett-Packard plotter emulator software for the Macintosh. Special features include: HP-GL to PICT conversion; wide variety of applications; text file or direct (ASCII) input; transfer plots to other software via clipboard or PICT file.

*Probabilities,Dr. Arthur B. Busbey III,Department of Geology,Texas Christian University,Fort Worth,TX,76129,USA,817-921-7270,,,Trapeze template. Given F, t, or Chi-square values and associated degrees of freedom calculates probabilities. Requires Trapeze.

PROMPT,Davis Engineering Company,Liberty Tower, Suite 2770,100 North Broadway,Oklahoma City,OK,73102,USA,(405) 232-770),3500,,Multifaceted product for managing oil and gas reserves. The main modules are a Production Monitoring System (which stores and analyses production data) and an economics system (that serves as a separate module or accepts data from the Production Management System) and there are several additional stand-alone modules. These include a volumetrics module (with bottom hole pressure from surface pressure calculations), an orifice meter calculation module, a flowing bottom hole pressure module, a Dwights and/or Petroleum Information interface that merges data from these on-line systems into the Production Management System, a stand alone gas well material balance module, a pumping unit calcuation module, tank table calculations, and several utility modules. The entire system is $3,500 or the utility modules, with either the economics module or the production module, can be purchased for $2,000. Programmed in QuickBASIC.

QuatPlot,D.R. Mason & J.E. Mason,P.O. Box 78,,Glenside,SA,5065,Australia, $60,,Plots a-b-c-d data in a projection of a tetrahedron oriented in any position in space. From Sowerbutts. Runs on any Mac.

Reflections, PetroDynamics, 12410 Meadow Lake Dr., Houston, TX, 77077, USA, (713) 293-7727, $5500, , This is an interactive program that models the seismic response of geologic cross sections. Input is from models generated by PHIL Level 1.5 or use description of rock layers. It produces a calculated velocity field from lithology, porosity and cementation changes. RePHLections allows users to store the results of seismic models for later study; it also produces digital SEGY format for plotting in other packages. 680x0 only.

Reservoir Engineering Toolkits,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $75, Three collections of programs (toolkits) designed to run within a spreadsheed(Excel) to perform 56 different engineering calculations. Too many parameters to list. Contact Rockware for a list. Each tookit is $75. Excel required. From Integrity Consulting.

*Restore,Bureau of Economic Geology,The University of Texas at Austin, University Station, Box X, Austin, TX, 78713-7508,USA, 512 471-7721, $249.95, A full color program to reconstruct extensional salt and shale terrains. Restore sequentially and interactively balances cross sections involving extension and salt or overpressured shale. Unlike many cross-section balancing programs, it can deal with extensional sections with complex interaction of simultaneous sedimentation, deformation, and movement of ductile salt or shale. Restore balances the section at each stage of backstripping. Users can specify angles for rigid rotation and simple shear of individual fault blocks, choose from a range of decompaction parameters, track changes in salt or shale area and extension, separate blocks to show salt reaching the surface, and graphically remove basement subsidence and tilting. It has a built in digitizer (ADB) interface for tracing in existing sections. You select blocks by clicking on them and specifying such parameters as horizontal shift or degree of regional dip to which they can be unfolded. Restore is $249.95 (educational and not-for-profit pricing is available).

RiverTools, Research Systems Inc. 4990 Pearl East Circle, Boulder, CO 80301., (303) 786-9900, RiverTools is a software application for DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and river network analysis that is available for PowerMac, Windows and Unix workstations. It provides a simple "point & click" user interface to access and view DEM data, create flow grids and calculate basin characteristics such as slope, aspect, area, etc. Because RiverTools is built on IDL, the Interactive Data Language software, it can easily be extended and customized to fit your needs. RiverTools is a very powerful tool for surface hydrology data where there is a need for speed, flexibility and cross platform support. Go to for a free demo.

*Rosy 2.13,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $150,, 2D rose diagram plots and directional statistics. Rosy reads unidirectional or bidirectional data from a user created text file of azimuth or line segment data. Data can be plotted as full-rose, half-rose, or histogram diagrams with user or default scaling. It can also calculate vector mean, resultant length, and standard error of the mean for either grouped or ungrouped data. Vector mean and confidence intervals can be plotted on the rose diagram. Rayleign's test for uniformity is also calculated and printed. Rose diagram can be saved in PICT format for later editing. Runs on any Mac.

Scenery AnimatorNatural Graphics, P.O. Box 1963, Rocklin, CA 95677 USA, Voice: (916) 624-1436, FAX: (916) 624-1406, $100, is a landscape simulation and animation program. You can quickly create pictures of real world places from any location and perspective using real-world data obtained from the U.S. Geological Survey. Or you can use its powerful, built-in fractal terrain generator for incredible natural looking landscapes.
Position the camera in a landscape by clicking the pointer over the desired location on the map. Then add redwood or oak trees, lakes, and clouds. You can set the snow level, change the colors, or adjust the lighting for just about any desired effect. Then render a picture, or draw a flight path on the map and animate!
Scenery Animator is fast and easy to use. Don't be discouraged by other software which takes hours to learn and even longer to render a scene - Scenery Animator can produce beautiful output for you in a minutes!
Partial feature list: Imports USGS DEMs; Includes Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Oahu, and Mt. St. Helens; DEMs for many other areas available; Exports landscapes as DXF files; Saves pictures as PICT or TIFF in 8, 16, or 32-bit color; Adjustable resolution and color; Saves animations as QuickTime movies or separate frames; Requires System 7.0 or higher, 4 MB RAM, and a color monitor; Includes standard and native PowerMac versions (fat binary)

*Sedimentary Geology & Stratigraphy, (formerly Earth 'nWare Inc.), P.O. Box 0641, Hull MA 02045, Ph. 781-925-0264, FAX 781-925-4248, Now incorporated in Physical Geology bundle (above)

Sedimentary Provinces of the World, and Characteristics of Giant Oil and Gas Fields,Masera-AAPG Data System,1743 East 71st Street,P.O. Box 702708,Tulsa,OK,74136,USA,918 496-7777,$275,A utility set of data in various formats for spreadsheets. Since WK1 and ASCII are provided, this data can be loaded into any standard Macintosh spreadsheet. Single copy license is $275 and corporate license is $750.

Seismic Processing Workshop,Parallel Geosciences,PO Box 5989, Incline Village, NV, 89450 (tel: 541-421-3127, fax:541-421-3128, email:, Many standalone modules and packages - see the website and contact Parallel Geosciences for options, modules and discounts. SPW is a family of high performance, interactive seismic data processing software modules and packages available on Macintosh, Linux and Windows NT/2000 operating systems. Each SPW product offers easy to use, powerful, low cost solutions for a variety of processing tasks. SPW solutions include:

Shape 3.0,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $195, Developed by SHAPE. A package for drawing any crystal shape from user input crystal class, unit-cell parameters, and Miller indices of one face of each form. Images can be rotated and rescaled, contact or interpenetration twins can be drawn, a stereonet can be displayed with the crystal and epitaxial crystals shown, and FORTRAN source code is included. Also includes stereo pair display, key-driven incremental face size adjustment, identification of faces by mouse-click, shading of faces or forms specified by Miller indices, and interfacial angles. Runs on any Mac.

Simul'X 1.01,J.R. Mossmann,Departement Geochimie, BRGM,Avenue de Concyr B.P. 6009,Orleans cedex 2,,,France,,,,

Sloan Hypercard Stacks, COGS,P.O. Box 1317, Denver, CO, 80201-1317, $10, A variety of educational hypercard stacks about North American Agnostid, Cambrian, Ordovician, and Silurian through Permian trilobites, the evolution of dinosaurs, mammal-like reptiles, and primates (three separate disks), mineral ID, and the tectonic history of the Appalachians. Runs on any Mac that supports Hypercard 1.1. These disks are available for about $10 each, and the entire set of Trilobite disks costs $20.

Small Blue Planet - The Electronic Satellite Atlas, Now What Software, San Francisco, CA, 94115, (415) 885-1689,CD-ROM of various images from space. See Rockware for more information

Spinel, Dr. Ken Williams, Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, 2006, Australia, Plots spinel analyses within multicomponent prisms. Input data is read from files or via the keyboard.

*Stereo 5.27,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $275, 3-D Orientation analysis and plotting program (Wulf or Schmidt projections) supporting many open windows at a time. Plot an unlimited number of data sets on the same stereonet plot, showing lineations, poles to planes and great circles. Seven different symbols for point plotting and individual points can be interactively added to any plot. Plot legends show data set names and statistics. The pattern-coded density-contoured plots can be generated using Schmidt or Kamb methods or a spherical Gaussian function. It includes eigenvector analysis for mean direction vectors. Rotate and plot a data set about a given axis and Stereo will calculate lineations resulting from planar intersection for individual pairs or for a whole file. It reads data in azimuth, dip-direction, right-hand or quadrant measure. Stereonets can be saved in PICT format. Runs on any Mac and includes a floating point processor version.

Stereoplot,Dr. Neil Mancktelow, Geologisches Institut, ETH-Zentrum, CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland, 110 Swiss Francs, payable in cash, bank check, or guarantied Eurochek in Swiss Francs ONLY. Stereoplot program with spreadhsheet entry, true density contouring with smoothed curve elements, rotation, 2-D statistics including Fisher and Bingham distributions with cones of confidence, best fit great and small circles, segmented and moving avaerage rose diagrams, etc. Version available for floating point processor machines. From Sowerbutts.

Strain Analysis Bundle, (formerly Earth 'nWare Inc.), P.O. Box 0641, Hull MA 02045, Ph. 781-925-0264, FAX 781-925-4248, Evaluation copies may be freely downloaded by members. Membership $39. Classroom licenses $6 per registered student (min 10 students, discount for large classes). Fry Analysis, Rf/Fry, Boudinage, Wellman, Solve3stretches, E2-E3, Strain Grid, Flinn, Longitudinal strain. General Shear, OffAxis, Progressive Strain, Refraction. New content added every session based on members' requests.

Strana,Dr. Fausto Guzzetti,Instituo de Ricerca per la Protezione,Consiglio Naxionale della Ricerche,Localita Madonna Alta,Nell' Italia Centrale,,Italy,A program for the representation and statistical analysis of orientation data. From Sowerbutts.

*Stress Analysis, (formerly Earth 'nWare Inc.), P.O. Box 0641, Hull MA 02045, Ph. 781-925-0264, FAX 781-925-4248, Now incorporated in Geophysics Bundle (above)

Subside!,Wilkerson & Associates,8 Villard Court, Champaign, IL, 61820, USA, $99, Modeling of backstripping operations with decompaction and sediment removal. A simple input window permits specification of formation thickness, lithology, and time. Up to 40 beds can be processed. Based on equations derived and published by Sclater and Christie (1980). Results are displayed as a standard subsidence curve plot. Plots can be printed or saved as PICT files; color supported. Runs on any Mac. Also from Rockware.

*Surface III + 3.5.3, Kansas Geological Survey , Free , First version of a contouring program for the Mac based on the popular ICI contouring packages currently running on a variety of UNIX-based work stations. Surface III is very fast, has flexible input formating, supports a variety of gridding and search methods inclding kriging, three-D block diagrams, hatchure marks on closed contours, color contour charts, flexible control of map size and contouring within fault blocks and around terminating faults! It also knows how to correctly contour data sets with zero edges (such as sand bodies floating in a sea of mud) and doesn't try to contour beyond the most external data points. Converts geographic (latitude/longitude) data into UTM format. Maps can be printed or saved as PICT files. Runs on any Mac.

Surface III is now public domain and has not been updated in some time. It will run on modern machines under OS 8 BUT there is a major bug. You MUST use the thumb marker in scroll bars to scroll windows - using the arrows or the gray area of a scroll bar will cause a system bomb.

SUTRAMac,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $375, SUTRA is a 2D hybrid finite-element and integrated finite-difference model. Special features include: simulations can be run in the background; includes radial and rectangular mesh generators; FORTRAN source code included; Multifinder compatible. SUTRAMac incorporates the current version of SUTRA as distributed by the USGS. SUTRA can be used to simulate: fluid density-dependent saturated groundwater flow and transport; fluid viscosity-dependent groundwater flow and energy transport; and unsaturated groundwater flow and solute transport with equilibrium adsorption and first and second order decay or production. Floating point processor HIGHLY recommended. From Geraghty & Miller.

TECHBASE,MINEsoft, Ltd.,165 South Union Blvd., Suite 510,,Lakewood,CO,80228-2215,USA,303 980-5300,$2,030,TECHBASE is a modular geological GIS system that has been around for quite a few years and is now available on the Macintosh (TECHBASE data bases can be easily moved around between a variety of machines including Macs, SUNS, and mainframes). It is a database management system for the analysis of large numeric data sets used in engineering and scientific applications. It supports spread sheet-style flat tables (files), polygons, 2-D cells for surface modeling, layers (sequences of 2-D arrays), and blocks (3-D arrays for block modelling). The basic module contains the database, statistics, and graphics. Additional modules add such features as advanced graphics, slope stability analysis, ground water modeling, and underground, open pit, and seam mining. Input is extremely flexible and inclues user-definable load formats. Data in tables can be easily edited, sorted, and searched. Tables can be modified at any time and any definitions in the database can be changed. The basic statistical module supports standard statistics and a variety of plots (including ternary diagrams). The graphics module includes X-Y plots, location and base maps, cross sections, and 3-D views. 2-D surface plots are accomplished through trend surfaces, triangulation, polygonal estimation, minimum curvature, inverse distance gridding, and kriging (the latter two can also be used to estimate 3-D surfaces). It supports digitizing tablets. Databases can include custom markers for maps, for example the standard AGI well symbols. 3-D views can be made from any direction and can it can stack multiple surfaces in one plot and points and lines can be projected onto any surface in perspective. Vectors can also be drawn based on data in the database. Contact the company for more information about modules and capabilities. The basic module is $2,030 and by the time you have added most of the advanced modules the price comes up to $11,700 (academic pricing is available).

Ternary Plot 3.5.7,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $150, Graphic plotting program for ternary diagrams. Special features include: number of data files and size of data files limited by memory; 4 methods of data entry; text and graphic tools including superscripts and subscripts; apex factors (multipliers); PICT output. Runs on any Mac. From PAZ graphics.

*Theory of Plate Tectonics,Tasa Graphic Arts, 11930 Menaul Blvd. NE Suite 107, Albuquerque NM 87112-2461USA, TEL: 1-800-293-2725, $59 Single user, $155 Multi user, For Macintosh or Windows machines. It is currently available in English College and High School and Spanish High School editions. This is an animated, tour-de-force of moving continents, from continental drift through hot spots. Each section includes an end-of-section review. Also included is an illustrated introduction to the geologic time scale, locator maps, an illustrated glossary and separate English and Spanish multiple choice questions . The Theory of Plate Tectonics includes some full-color photos, but is mostly composed of the excellent graphics for which Dennis Tasa has long been known. The animation of polar wander curves, spreading and converging boundaries, and of the fossil evidence for plate movements is spectacular and beats the animation I have seen on generic PBS plate tectonics programs.

Thermocalc,Tim Holland,Department of Earth Sciences,University of Cambridge, Downing Street,Cambridge,CB2 3EQ,UK,A package for the calculatio of the stable phase relationshops among a set of user selected phases (end-member phase components). [[sterling]]10

Thin Sections 1.1,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,$75,Characteristics of minerals in thin section include mineral name, chemical composition, mineral group, crystal system, color, pleochroism, optical character, optic sign, 2V, indices of refraction, relief, birefringence, extinction angle, habit, cleavage, dispersion, elongation, and genesis. Optical orientation diagrams are included for most of the biaxial and some of the unixial minerals. FileMaker database of 179 minerals. From Clare P. Marshall.

*Topographic Maps,Tasa Graphic Arts, Inc.,Tasa Graphic Arts, 11930 Menaul Blvd. NE Suite 107, Albuquerque NM 87112-2461USA, TEL: 1-800-293-2725, $59 Single user, $155 Multi user, CD-ROM interactive program on various aspects of maps. Sections include coordinate systems (state-plane and UTM), map projections, contours, features on standard USGS maps and map scale. Beautiful graphics, sound and animation make this a joy to use. Includes interactive testing over map features. $155 multi-user.

TOPROCK,Berrong Enterprises Ltd.,701 N. Post Oak * Suite 300,,Houston,TX,Houston, Texas 77024,USA,(713) 680-9420,TOPROCK- interactive rock physics modeling package, provides both qualitative and quantitative estimates of elastic properties. The understanding of petrophysical properties is an integral part of seismic data computer modeling. TOPROCK is used to obtain shear-wave velocity estimates from available acoustic information. Also, elastic property changes may be observed in real time as functions of porosity, fluid content, pressure, and mineralogy. TOPROCK constrains results to ensure that models are physically realizable for both forward and inverse modeling.

*Transform 3.0,Spyglass, Inc.,1800 Woodfield Drive,Savoy,IL,61874,USA,(217) 355-6000,$595,,Scientific color imaging software that can produce raw or interpolated images, surface plots, contour plots, line graphs and vector plots for 2D data sets. Various plots and images can be overlayed (i.e., geological outcrops can be overlayed on a DEM!). Data can be reformatted, resampled and interpolated. Many powerful analytical functions included (for example, the real and imaginary components of FFTs). Color Mac and 4 MB member minimum (floating point processor HIGHLY recommended). Also from Rockware. Also on UNIX platforms and Windows/Windows NT.

*Trend,Dr. Arthur B. Busbey III,Department of Geology,Texas Christian University,Fort Worth,TX,76129,USA,817-921-7270,,,Trapeze template for calculating first through third order trend surfaces. Produces shaded and colored surface maps of the surfaces. Requires Trapeze.

TriPlot,D.R. Mason & J.E. Mason,P.O. Box 78,,Glenside,SA,5065,Australia,,60,,A general triangular plotting program. TriPlot can display a whole triangular plot or subareas (e/g/ a simple parallelpiped like the standard pyroxene quadrilateral, or a detailed soom in of a particular section). Different data files can be plotted and overlaye don the same plot using different symbols. From Sowerbutts. Runs on any Mac.

*U.S. Digital Topography,Chalk Butte, Inc.,137 Steele Lane,,Boulder,WY,82923,USA,307 537-5261,$299,A set of CD-ROMs (individually $199 or both for $299) with 24-bit colored, shaded, 1 degree (1:530,000)DEMS (in PICT format) for the continental U.S. and Hawaii (Alaskan USGS DEMs aren't finished yet). These striking images were derived from the USGS 3 arc-second format DEMS. They can be read by any Mac program that reads PICT files. Each state is in a separate folder (Texas rates two folders) with a lower resolution image of the entire state and then with each file displayed in its correct geographic position (when viewed as icons). The images are beautiful and are usefulf or vizualizing large-scale surface features without disconcerting surface color and texture differences. A Windows version is also available.

Unit Cell Parameters,Dr. Gary Novak,Geology Department,California State University at Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA,90032,USA,A set of Excel spreadsheet templates into which the user enters hkl and 2ø values to give unit cell parameters. From Sowerbutts

Universal Map Digitizing Program,Earth In Motion Technologies, 2476 Bolsover, Suite 491, Houston, TX, 77005, USA, (817) 273-2978, This program provides map projection and scale independent digitizing for Apple Macintosh and UNIX operating systems. The user digitizes a grid of known latitude and longitude pairs. This grid provides the basis for interpolation into regions of unknown coordinates. This program is useful for digitizing any data (geological, geophysical, political) that has been recorded in analog map form. Data is captured with a maximum accuracy of 9 meters (decimal degrees with 4 decimal places of accuracy). Output format is appropriate for capturing attributes associated with plate tectonic modelling, but simple filters can be written to transform the data into other useful formats. Output format is compatible with the PGIS/Mac. We assume that the user has a serial-mode digitizer available (Apple Desktop Bus* version under development). Price to be determined.

V-COGO/Mac,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,$495,Computer-aided coordinate geometry environment utilizing VersaCAD/Mac design and drafting software programs. Special features include: loads and operates from inside VersaCAD; direct XYZ point number entry with descriptive text; standard coordiante geometry such as poin to point traverses with angles measured right or left from backsight or horizontal distances, sideshots, inverse set points, three-point circle, semi-circular tanget curve fitting and intersection routines; offset distance calculation; point grouping, rotation and moving; calculates exact areas based on boundary points; creates VersaCAD drawings of real property given either a legal description, a site bondary, a subdivision plat, etc.; imports and exports ASCII files; V-COGO data files are completely independent of the VersaCAD drawing file. V-Field ($795) is add-on software that adds features tailored to the needs of field survey crews. V-Collect ($295 Pheonix version, $695 Lietz version) adds the ability to download and reduced stored field survey data by directly cabling (or via mem) to a data collector to the compute running VersaCAD/V-COGO. V-CONTOUR ($795) is specifically tailored for site investigation, design and layout and utilizes Cartesian XYZ coordiantes assigned to pont numbers through any of the above programs to create contour maps.

Volcanoes on Mars Slide set of downloadable slides.

*WhizMap, WhizAtlas and WhizSurf are no longer available.

*World Geophysical,Chalk Butte, Inc.,137 Steele Lane,Boulder,WY,82923,USA,307 537-5261,$140,CD-ROM based application that requires a color Mac with 2 MB of RAM and System 6.0 or later. World Geophysical is an interactive digital atlas that displays the earth's bathymetry and topography in beautiful shaded-relief, color maps. Extensive interactive features allow the user to construct topographic/bathymetic cross sections, generate large scale contour maps, measure distances and areas, define rotational poles and swing modern continental outlines around those poles producing simple plate tectonic reconstructions. It can also be used to compute rotational poles. Relative and absolute plate motions can be calculated and graphed. Other features include digitized ridge crests and plate velocity fields as well as the ability to import information for custom plate tectonic reconstructions. Full color maps can be displayed in several different projection systems and at different levels of resolution. This is a great learning tool for introducing undergraduate or graduate students to various aspects of moving plates around on a curved surface and for making high quality color relief maps.

XLFrac,D.R. Mason & J.E. Mason,P.O. Box 78,Glenside,SA,5065,Australia,$40,Demonstrates graphically the chemical results of crystal fractionation during magmatic processes. From Sowerbutts. Runs on any Mac.

ZOEP II 2.2,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $200,Seismic modeling application. Program features include: scattering interface can be either elastic/elastic or elastic free-surface, incident wave type can be P or SV, and extensive on-line help. For scattering from an elastic/elastic interface, at each incident angle of the Zoeppritz 16-element complex boundary-value matrix is inverted using Gaussian partial pivoting. For any of the reflected/transmitted waves the user can generate lines plots of amplifture & phase versus incident angle, line plots of energy versus incident angle, and data listings of incident angle, amplitude, and phase. There are also a variety of special features. Runs on any Mac but is much faster on a Mac with a floating point processor.

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