Crocodilians on the Net

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Below are some links to places where you can find out more about crocodilians. If you find other interesting links please let (me) know.
Uwe Ringelhan's Crocodilian Site
FAQ Alligators and their Kin
Crocodilians: Natural History & Conservation <--a MUST SEE!!!
Mason Meers and Adam Britton's Crocodilian Internet Resources<--a MUST SEE!!!
Adam Britton's Crocodilian Species List
Crocodilian Biology Database
Crocodilian Captive Care FAQ
Crocodile Specialist Group
Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan: Revised Action Plan for Crocodiles 1998
University of Michigan Crocodile Page
Cleuren's Feeding in Crocodilians
Crocodilians - From Natural History to Conservation
Croc FAQ
Tom Crutchfield's Reptile Enterprises
WWW Virtual Library: Herptology
Animal Bytes:American Alligator
Mason Meers' Bibliography of Crocodilians <- A Must See
Earthwatch Nile Crocodile Project
The Gator Hole
Everglades Alligator Farm
Hartley's Creek Crocodile Farm
AG Krokodile - DGHT's Crocodile Experts
University of Texas Visible Alligator <- Virtual reality alligator skull
Justin Corliss' Caiman Page
Tim Wiegmann's Crocodile Library
Fluker Farms Herp Website
Vern Montpetit's Costa Rica croc page Walter Prado's Caiman latirostris and C. yacre page

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